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Su Min

Su Min

Achieve clarity through insight

Going to therapy means learning ways to care for your mental health while building a fulfilling life. This space is for you to share, reflect, experiment, and practice – with me cheering you on from the sidelines.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University.

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy


Former Communications Assistant Manager


English, Malay

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology,
The University of Melbourne

Professional approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Therapy is where I make space for your experiences and explore their influence on your wellbeing. Whether it's understanding yourself, strengthening relationships, processing life transitions, or uncovering your unique potential, we can journey together toward the life you want.

I believe there's no "right" time for therapy. If you seek change or whenever you feel off-balance, my door is open. Life is not a walk in the park, but you have made it this far. Who says you can't do it again?

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Relationship issues
Career development
Life transitions
Grief and loss

Su Min
Su Min


Attentive, gentle, and open to learning

Values responsibility, autonomy, and collaboration

Believes you own your progress; focusing inwards, not on comparisons

Enjoys new food, the cinema, and occasional massages

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