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Regine Cheam

Regine Cheam

"Existence precedes essence"

Life presents us with inherent struggles and uncertainties that can be daunting to confront. When offered a safe and supportive space to navigate these human experiences, we discover more authentic and fulfilling ways of existing in this world.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Masters in Counselling, HELP University.

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy

In-person Sessions

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology,
Sunway University & Lancaster University

Former Research Assistant,
at Sunway University


English, Mandarin


Professional approach

Existential Therapy, Psychoanalysis, and Emotion Focused Therapy

No one consented to be born into this world and yet we are thrown in, expected to know what to do with our lives. Life, as it is, comes with many challenges – whether it be struggling with painful experiences, understanding and managing emotions, or simply grappling with the inevitability of mortality.


As your therapist, I hope to provide you with a safe and open space to navigate these complexities of life and to empower you to work towards personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety

Relationship issues
Grief and loss



Regine Cheam

Accepting the unknown frees the soul

Regine Cheam


Funny (hopefully), chill, curious, and expressive

Values kindness, authenticity, and self-expression

Tends to use humour and internet culture references in therapy

Huge fan of tattoos, anime, and Genshin Impact

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