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Eve Lim

Eve Lim

Activate your inner resources

Life's challenges, from work stress to unforeseen trauma, can leave us feeling doubtful and overwhelmed. Together, let's rediscover hope, reclaim resilience, and navigate a path to wellness.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University.

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy (Tropicana only)

In-person Sessions

Refugee tutor, author, and
columnist on gender equality


English, Mandarin

Bachelor of Science in Economics 
minoring in Mathematics,

University of Missouri-Columbia

Professional approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion-Focused, and Somatic Experiencing Therapy

I firmly believe in the interconnection of emotions, cognition, and physical wellbeing. In my counselling practice, I use diverse approaches to nurture holistic wellness, supporting you on a comprehensive journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Being stuck in repetitive situations can feel disheartening when we believe there is no way out. I welcome you to express your frustration and negativity; there is no judgment here, only empathy, understanding, and unconditional regard.

When you are ready to share your story, I am here to listen and support you wholeheartedly.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety

Gender and sexuality

Career development

Relationship issues

Childhood trauma

Eve Lim

Manage challenges in healthy ways

Eve Lim


Warm, empathetic, curious, humorous, non-judgmental

Values honesty, equality, openness

Focuses on uncovering reasons underlying thoughts and behaviours

Enjoys journaling, reading, shopping, and milk tea – “No milk tea, no life!”

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