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Angela Tan

Angela Tan

One step at a time

Life isn’t always smooth sailing,
it’s dynamic. There may be seasons when we aren’t feeling our best, and that’s okay.

Mental Health Therapist

Pending counselling licensure

Individual Therapy

Jaya One, Online

Former Special Needs Educator


Professional Tier 1

English, Mandarin

Master of Professional Counselling,
Monash University

Master of Science
in Developmental Disorders,

University of Nottingham

Professional approach

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy

Even if you may find it difficult to believe in yourself now, I have faith that you have what it takes to manoeuvre through whatever life throws at you. I hope to provide you with a space that is comfortable enough for you to unpack all that you have been feeling.


The path to healing is unique for everyone, so let’s take this opportunity to rediscover and build upon various parts of yourself that have brought you thus far. I will do my best to meet you where you’re at, and together we can figure out what works best for you.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Relationship issues
Stress and trauma
Career transition
Grief and loss

Angela Tan

Let's have a conversation

Angela Tan


Calm, easy-going, and open-minded

Values genuineness, collaboration, and compassion

Will burst into laughter with you, may also caringly challenge you

Huge dog lover, enjoys all coffee / kopi, likes sports (but not workouts)

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