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Terrence Loke

Terrence Loke

Through listening and encouraging experiential acceptance, I find great joy in empowering youths and adults to uncover values that guide them to regain control and live their desired life.

Registered and Licensed Counsellor

(KB09403, PA09026)

Follow your own pace

Individual Therapy


Part-time Lecturer;
Behavioural Therapist


Professional Tier 2

English, Mandarin

Master of Education
(Guidance & Counselling),
International Islamic University Malaysia

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
in Human Psychology,
Liverpool John Moores University

Professional approach

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,

and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

There will always be a part of us that strives to unlock our potential for growth and be the person we want to be. However, many of us have unconsciously learnt to suppress this desire due to external circumstances such as family dynamics, societal expectations, and cultural differences.

My approach integrates mindfulness-based therapy to help you develop psychological flexibility and make behavioural changes. I focus on helping you embrace your thoughts and feelings, rather than resisting and feeling guilty for having them, or passively accepting things as they are. 

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Abuse and bullying
Relationship issues

Terrence Loke

Every moment is a choice

Terrence Loke


Disciplined when necessary,
night owl forced to be an early bird

Values growth, genuineness,
and self-acceptance

Believes that persistence enables us to see hope

Plays games, reads light novels,
distracted by videos of cats, dogs, or food

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