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Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong

Take a step back

Distance is required to observe –

reading, watching, people-watching. If we can learn by observing, imagine the depths of insights gained by observing ourselves from afar. Near or far, you decide.

Mental Health Therapist

Pending counselling licensure

Individual Therapy

Jaya One, Tropicana, Online

Former Finance Professional
at multinational corporations (MNCs)


Professional Tier 1

English, Mandarin

Masters in Counseling,
HELP University

Bachelor of Commerce,
HELP University & University of Queensland

Professional approach

Person-Centred, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Family Systems Theory

What if we have different parts within us that possess unique elements — emotions, thoughts, beliefs, voices, age, name... that plays an active role interacting with our environment? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to observe these interactions and understand how they shape our perspectives?

My approach aims to explore the backstories of these diverse parts, their relationships, and communication patterns to gain insights into your perspectives. If we are innately wired to conquer adversity, what we truly need is the ability to refine and enhance our methods for better adaptation. With distance, we can establish space for autonomy, clarity, and empowerment for growth. Let’s lay the groundwork together, following your pace.

Key interests

Life transitions and trauma
Depression and anxiety
Emotion regulation
Relationship issues

Mandy Wong

From now on, every step counts

Mandy Wong


Warm, bubbly, curious, fun, and easygoing

Values authenticity, autonomy, and collaboration

Believes that each individual's pace and path in life are unique

Casual gamer, coffee art enthusiast, likes anime and documentaries

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