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Empower someone through the gift of therapy.
Choose a gift card value that fits your budget.

What are you looking for?

Interested in buying an e-Gift Card?

  1. Fill in the purchase form with your contact details and your preferred gift card value amount in Malaysian Ringgit.

  2. Pay the value amount.
    Upload proof of payment to the form.

  3. Receive the gift card and payment receipt via email within 5 working days.

  4. Send the gift card to your recipient!

Buy gift

How does the Gift Card work?

Set your own value amount that fits your budget. 

Valid for 6 months. Recipient can take their time to use the gift.

Multiple therapy sessions can be booked using the gift card until it is fully used or expired.

Save the hassle of mind-reading your recipient's therapy preferences. Let them decide.

Recipient books appointments directly with Cara Cara. Their privacy is assured.

Received an
e-Gift Card?

  1. Choose a therapist and tap Book Now.

  2. Book an appointment and create client profile.

  3. Enter gift voucher code at the payment page and complete any remaining payment.

  4. Book more sessions using the gift card until its value has been fully used or expired.

Use gift

Convenient & safe access to therapy

60 minutes of individual therapy per session.

Available weekdays

and weekends.

Book directly with Cara Cara. Your privacy is assured.


For all ethnicities and religions.

Choose your own therapist based on your personal preferences.

Not sure what to work on in therapy? Here are some ideas.

  • Reduce depression, anxiety, and stress levels​

  • Improve work performance and productivity

  • Increase self-esteem and build confidence

  • Identify life purpose and career direction

Frequently asked questions

What if the therapy fee costs more than the value stored in my e-gift card?

Pay the balance fee as stated in the payment page.

How many times can I use my e-gift card?

You can book multiple therapy sessions at anytime until the value balance in your e-gift card is zero or expired.

How do I check the value balance stored in my e-gift card?

Log into your account in our booking system and view voucher details.

I want to buy an e-gift card. What are my payment options?

As the gift buyer, you get to decide any amount you wish to store in the e-gift card to be given to your recipient. You can choose to pay via DuitNow QR using participating banks and e-wallets or Bank Transfer – the account details are included in the purchase form. Local and international transfers are accepted.

Gift: FAQ

Terms & Conditions for Cara Cara e-Gift Card Purchase & Redemption

  1. The e-gift card (“Gift Card”) value is determined by the gift buyer in the e-gift card purchase form (“Form”). The amount to be paid is equivalent to the Gift Card value stated in the Form. Gift Card purchase is confirmed upon payment completion of the correct amount with proof of payment uploaded when submitting the Form.

  2. Gift Card cannot be refunded or amended upon purchase, and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full under any circumstances.

  3. The value of the Gift Card is equivalent to the Malaysian Ringgit currency as stated. Gift Card can only be used as a payment method for Cara Cara’s therapy services, subject to availability. Gift Card cannot be used for workshops, classes, support groups, seminars, talks, or purchase of another Gift Card.

  4. Gift Card issued by Cara Cara is only available in a digital format. No physical Gift Card will be issued.

  5. Gift Card has a validity of 6 months from the date of issue. The expiry date is stated on the Gift Card. Extension of the expiry date is strictly not allowed.

  6. A unique voucher code is stated on the Gift Card, which is used for identification and management of the value and expiry of the Gift Card. The unique voucher code must be entered into the payment form when booking an appointment to purchase a service.

  7. If the purchase amount is lower than the value of the Gift Card, the remaining balance can be used for future purchases. The balance of the Gift Card cannot be refunded, used after the expiry date of the Gift Card, or consolidated to another Gift Card.

  8. If the purchase amount exceeds the total value or balance of the Gift Card, the remaining sum must be paid according to the stipulated payment method. Failure to complete payment for the amount due within 24 hours from the time of booking will result in cancellation of the appointment.

  9. For refunds of services paid for with a Gift Card, the refundable amount will be credited to the balance of the Gift Card. If part of the purchase was paid for via another payment method, the refundable amount will first be credited via the payment method used, and the remainder of the refundable amount credited to the balance of the Gift Card.

  10. Cara Cara cannot replace a Gift Card if it is lost, stolen, corrupted, or destroyed. Cara Cara is not responsible for any balance lost on a Gift Card as a result of theft or fraud.

  11. Cara Cara retains the right to reject any Gift Card that has been tampered with or found in any way unacceptable.

  12. Cara Cara reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Gift: T&C
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