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Venuga Devi

Venuga Devi

We deserve to feel validated, significant, and connected to this world. I believe that each individual is unique. Our purpose lies in discovering and being our true selves.

Registered and Licensed Counsellor

(KB08521, PA08116)

Healing is our responsibility

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy


Graduate Research Assistant
at University of Malaya


Professional Tier 2

English, Malay

Doctor of Philosophy (ongoing)
in Social and Behavioural Science,
University of Malaya

Master of Counselling,
Open University Malaysia

Professional approach

Adlerian Therapy, Reality Therapy,

and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Therapy is a space to explore and analyse personal beliefs that may influence our current patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour. The journey towards healing occurs when we are able to reflect, obtain insight, and reorientate towards growth and positive change.

I often practice an integrative approach in therapy where I can address your needs as well as listen, empathise, support, and guide you to achieve your goals. I enjoy working with various personalities and learning from each and every one of my clients! 

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Relationship issues
Sexual health

Venuga Devi

Let's be curious together

Venuga Devi


Calm, curious,

Values honesty, genuineness, transparency, and self-acceptance

Believes that everybody is a teacher to one another

Paints faces, pets animals,
travels, plays the Carnatic violin

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