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Who we are

A metaphor.

Cara Cara \ ker-ə-ˈker-ə \ noun
A type of orange that looks like other traditional navels, but its flesh is uniquely reddish-orange. Even the bitter orange peel is appreciated for its multiple health benefits.

We strive to guide you in understanding the distinctive

potential within yourself, similar to discovering the uniqueness of Cara Cara oranges. By learning about

the defences and bitter experiences that protect you

like an orange peel, you can confidently flourish.

A collaboration
between therapists.


We make mental health information digestible so that

you are armed with knowledge for self-sufficiency

and the confidence to overcome challenges.


We conceptualise your challenges with objectivity and collaborate with you to strategise attaining your goals.



We navigate your exploration of choices for greater clarity and connectedness with yourself and your loved ones.

The Management Team

The visionaries, strategists, creatives, and executives of the Cara Cara collective.

Sara 1.jpg

Sara Au

Licensed Counsellor

Co-founder of Cara Cara

Phuay Yee 3.jpg

Phuay Yee

Licensed Counsellor

Co-founder of Cara Cara 

Core Team

What we believe

Freedom to choose.
Continuous learning.
Trust and respect.

Our purpose

We ignite your strength for empowerment.

Empowered to be who you are and do what you choose.

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