COVID-19: Guidelines for In-Person Sessions

We're excited to welcome you into our space!

Before booking your in-person therapy session, please ensure you meet these conditions.

The following statuses must be displayed on your MySejahtera Check-in Page.

Feel assured knowing that our therapists adhere to the same conditions before providing in-person sessions.

Booking your first in-person session


Once payment has been made, your therapist will contact you via email to request that you submit the screenshot* displaying your Covid-19 Vaccination Status and Risk Status at least 24 hours prior to your session.

Submit screenshot of your MySejahtera Check-in Page

*This is only required for your first in-person session and solely used for documentation purposes.


This is to ensure that you satisfy the conditions for in-person sessions.

The session will be rescheduled if conditions are not met.

Please inform your therapist if there are changes to your Covid-19 risk status prior to attending the session.

Attending in-person sessions

Get verified

Present your:

  • MySejahtera Check-in Page

  • MySejahtera Profile Page

  • NRIC / Passport

Your therapist will verify your identity, vaccination status, and updated risk status before starting the session.

Protect yourself

Bring your own bottle to refill coffee or water at our pantry.

Wear your face mask at all times, even during sessions.

Wash or sanitise your hands before and after sessions.

Safety measures implemented

1m seating distance between client and therapist.

Therapy room sanitised between sessions.

Waste in therapy room is disposed between sessions.

Space is disinfected daily.

No handshake policy.


We appreciate your cooperation in following our guidelines so we can protect the safety and wellbeing of our clients and therapists.

Cara Cara has the right to deny access to in-person sessions to any client who does not adhere to the above guidelines.