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Dash Yeoh

Dash Yeoh

Embrace your journey

A step taken is still a step forward,
for the accumulation of small acts can change your world. Let us work together towards finding the ways through which we may achieve your goals.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University.

Individual Therapy

In-person Sessions

Bachelor of Psychological Science,
Monash University




Professional approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Reflecting the wisdom of Greek philosopher Epictetus, it is not the events themselves that disturb us, but rather the perspectives we adopt towards them. Our experiences shape us, and through understanding our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, we can gain self-awareness and work towards improvement.

Life shapes our reality, and I’m here to help you navigate it. Together, we will create a safe space to explore different paths, identify areas for growth, and empower you to make the choices that align with your goals.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety

Gender and sexuality

Stress and burnout

Relationship issues


Dash Yeoh

We're in this together

Dash Yeoh


Thoughtful, easygoing, and open-minded

Values honesty, genuineness, and collaboration

Occasionally encourages new insight through analogies

Coffee enthusiast, retired bibliophile, and anime binge-watcher

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