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Yumi Chow

Yumi Chow

Your story matters

A space and listening ears seem like a simple ask but might not be the easiest to find. I want to build a space with you where your voice can be heard, embraced, and respected.

Mental Health Therapist

Pending counselling licensure

Individual Therapy

Jaya One, Tropicana, Online


Professional Tier 1

English, Mandarin, Malay

Master of Professional Counselling,
Monash University

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology
University of Nottingham Malaysia

Professional approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our mind helps us make sense of the world based on our life experiences. As life is not the same for everyone, each mind is unique in the way it perceives events, people, and the environment.


In therapy, we not only work on understanding how your mind interprets different situations, but also why it functions the way it does. We will have a journey of discovery and growth without judgment and with empathy, curiosity, and care. Together, we will let your voice guide us to where you truly want to be.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Relationship issues
Family conflict
Grief and loss

Yumi Chow

We'll progress, even with baby steps

Yumi Chow


Warm, fun,
and open-minded

Values genuineness, kindness, and courage

Believes that being truthful to the self is the beginning of change

Takes pride in her earrings collection, learns watercolour painting from YouTube

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