Melissa Tai

Melissa Tai

Humans are adaptable

We live in a world of duality. We only understand happiness because we have experienced sadness. This duality allows us to experience life itself, and my role is to support you in effectively navigating it.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University Malaysia

Full Capacity

Individual Therapy [Trainee]
Online Sessions only

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
HELP University

English, Mandarin, Cantonese


Movement Instructor

Professional approach

Reality Therapy, Person-Centred, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Individual differences are what makes us unique. I value inclusion in my therapeutic work as I believe everyone is entitled to speak about their personal perspectives and life experiences, instead of basing them on social norms or external expectations.

Outside of therapy, I teach adults across all ages the principles of breathing, mindfulness, and moving the body through one's choice of sweat. At times, I will incorporate these principles in therapy sessions to provide a holistic approach in physical and mental health to meet your therapeutic goals.

Key interests

Depression and anxiety
Personal development
Career development
Relationship issues


Melissa Tai

Stop negotiating your non-negotiables

Melissa Tai


Curious, optimistic, compassionate

Values honesty, courage, and personal responsibility

Believes we have control over the life we want to create

Enjoys working up a good sweat,
reading, and cooking