We are recruiting!

Our collective is growing.
We are looking for individuals who:

Empowers individuals of any race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Believes in providing affordable and accessible mental healthcare.

Enjoys collaborating with other Millennials and Gen Zs.

Embraces a flexible and hybrid work environment.


Interested in joining us?

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Mental Health Professional

Grow with us

  • Generate referrals for your services

  • Obtain support through peer supervision

  • Exchange ideas and collaborate on projects


  1. Minimum Master's degree in Counselling, Clinical Psychology, or related field.

  2. Malaysian Citizen / Permanent Resident.

Trainee Counsellor

Learn with us

  • Engage in peer supervisions

  • Obtain private practice experience

  • Broaden therapy knowledge and skills


  1. Currently undergoing practicum / internship within Master's degree in Counselling.

  2. Has a clinical supervisor from the university.

  3. Able to commit to providing a minimum of five (5) therapy sessions per week.

By applying, you accept that this is an unpaid placement.


Psychology Intern

Learn with us

  • Participate in peer supervisions

  • Obtain private practice experience

  • Create content for mental health advocacy


  1. Currently undergoing / completed Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

  2. Possesses good command of verbal & written English.

  3. Able to commit for a minimum of three (3) months.

By applying, you accept that this is an unpaid internship.