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Bec L.

Bec L.

Create your own path

Life is too short to not live one that brings you peace, joy, and the ability to live in those moments. Let’s find out what those look like for you in a safe, non-judgmental conversation.

Trainee Counsellor, in supervision Master of Professional Counselling, Monash University.

Individual Therapy

In-person Sessions

Bachelor of Science in Psychology,
University of North Georgia

Former Educator




Professional approach

Person-Centred Therapy

The approach I use revolves around the relationship between client and counsellor in a collaboration towards living honestly. I am grateful for the opportunity my clients give me to help them explore their world and where they want to be within it. I would like to help them find a place of self-acceptance and cultivate a satisfying life in which they are able to live in a way that is authentic to their values and goals.


Opening one’s eyes to little and larger meanings of this life is my hope for sessions together, and I hope we can find what those look like for you.

Key interests

Depression and loneliness

LGBT self-acceptance

Stress and burnout

Trauma and abuse

Familial rejection

Bec L.

Let's try something new

Bec L.


Calm, compassionate, and curious

Values self-acceptance,
self-expression, and honesty

Thrives on analogy and frank conversation

Brews kombucha, watches cerebral TV, travels for food

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